Cake Decorating Ideas for Doctors

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A doctor-themed cake embraces the recipient's profession in a creative and delicious way. The doctor cakes work well for medical school graduates as well as practicing doctors celebrating a birthday, professional anniversary or achievement in the medical field. Customize the cake's decorations to fit the specific medical field of the doctor if possible.

Doctor Bag

A three-dimensional doctor's bag is a fitting cake idea even if the doctor doesn't actually carry a bag. Cut two 9-by-13 inch sheet cakes in half the short way. Stack all four pieces using frosting between each layer to hold them together. Use a serrated knife to trim the top of the cake into a curved shape to resemble the top of the bag. Cover the cake in brown butter cream frosting or fondant. Using fondant creates a smoother look that better resembles leather. Make a handle and other accents for the bag from fondant.

Doctor's Coat or Scrubs

A regular sheet cake is easy to turn into a creative doctor cake. Cut the cake into the shape of a shirt. You can do this by cutting a small half circle on one of the short ends to create the neck hole. Cut small sleeves on either side of the cake and round the other short end to look like the bottom of the scrub shirt or doctor's coat. Cover the cake in fondant: either white for a coat or blue for scrubs. If the doctor wears a different color of scrubs, customize the cake to match it. Cut rectangles of fondant to create pockets on the cake. Add a strip of fondant to create the neckline. Add a name tag with the doctor's name on it. For additional accents, use fondant to mold your own medical tools such as a stethoscope, bandages and a pill bottle.

Medical Equipment

Top a sheet cake with medical equipment. Ice the cake in any color and add a decorative icing border. Write the message on the cake with icing. Surround the message with a variety of medical equipment. One option is to shape the instruments out of fondant or gum paste. Another option is to use actual items such as tongue depressors or clean syringes on the cake. Kids' toy medical equipment is another option for topping the cake.

Pill Bottle

Make a three-dimensional pill bottle cake for the doctor. Stack four round cakes using icing between the layers to hold them together. Cover the round cakes with a brownish-orange color of frosting or fondant. Cut a rectangle of white fondant to create the label for the front of the bottle. The label makes a good spot to write the message on the cake. Cut a piece of thick cardboard slightly larger than the pill bottle. Cover it with white fondant to create the lid for the bottle.


An X-ray cake is another fitting option for someone in the medical field. A sheet cake works well as the base for the cake. Ice the cake in any color. Draw a rectangle on top of the cake and fill it in with black frosting. Use white frosting in a pastry bag with a round tip to draw the bones on the X-ray.