What to Buy Your Husband When He's Overseas on Deployment

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Trying to decide on what to send your deployed husband can be a difficult task. You want to send him something useful, yet thoughtful. No one-- except perhaps his mother -- knows your husband better than you do. Consider his needs and entertainment interests when picking out the perfect gift for your soldier.

Care Packages

Nothing shows you care like a bundle of goodies packaged with him in mind. Deployment doesn't allow for the simple pleasures in life. Get together a few of his favorite snacks and hygiene products to provide him with the comforts of home. Christy Lewis with Veterans United Network recommends sending snacks that keep longer in their packages. Heat is a huge factor when overseas, so use caution when sending candies or other food items that are at risk of melting.


He doesn't exactly have access to all of the technologies of home while he is deployed. Movies and music make great gifts for your deployed husband. Not only is it entertaining, but music also contributes to the positive attitude and well-being of soldiers. Give 2 The Troops offers a list of the most requested items by deployed soldiers, such as: food, entertainment and everyday supplies. This site also provides a list of contraband and restricted items, so be sure to double-check that the items in your package are allowed before you ship your package.

Symbols of Love

Those nights away from home can really bring out the sentimental side of your serviceman. Receiving a personalized keepsake from the woman he loves will help him remember the warmth of home. Talking photo frames, scrapbooks or pictures are excellent for keeping his blues away. Prepare a photo album with things going on at home, so he can feel like he is experiencing every moment with you.

Letters From Home

A love letter is definitely a timeless idea. The idea of holding a letter from his wife will have much more meaning to your husband than the casual email. You can also add a special touch by including a voice recording about your day or how much you miss him. It may take time for your soldier to receive his mail. Any Solder Inc. recommends that you allow plenty of time for shipping, and don't overload your soldier with a multitude of gifts, especially around the holidays.