How to Build a Pool Vacuum

by braniac
pool buster pool vac sells at pool supply stores for around $240.00

pool buster pool vac sells at pool supply stores for around $240.00

do you need a pool vac and dont want to buy one?

With a few simple things you have at home you can easily make your own pool vacuum

Turn off your pool filter

You will need one of those broom heads that has the garden hose attachment so that you can attach the hose to wash your patio.

Attach the garden hose to the attachment spot on the broom

remove the skimmer from your pool inlet hose to your pool filter.

lay the entire length of garden hose in the pool, you want to remove all the air from the hose

making sure that your pool inlet tubing is under water, you will now push the other end of the garden hose into the water inlet for your pool filter.

turn on pool filter, it will now suck the water from the broom into the filter and clean your pool, simply push the broom back and forth along the pool bottom to "sweep" up the debris.

Items you will need

  • garden hose
  • cement scrubber broom (the one with the hose attachment)
  • your pool filter


  • you can use a piece of a garden hose, or a short one, the longer the hose the less suction you will have at the broom


  • you must remove all the air from the hose so that you do not get air into the filter. excess air must be bled from the filter in order to create the proper suction.
  • keep the water inlet hose below water or you will fill the pump with air which will need to be bled for proper operation