Brunch Menu Suggestions

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Being a busy parent is all about finding compromises, some fun and some challenging. Brunch is definitely one of the fun compromises in life. Typically eaten during late morning or early afternoon, brunch is a great way to celebrate a lazy weekend or special occasion. Combine your family's favorite lunch and breakfast items for an unforgettable meal.


Muffins are ideal for brunch to satisfy hearty appetites. Bake up honey oat muffins that combine just the right amount of sweetness with healthy grains. Cornmeal pancakes can transition from breakfast to brunch with their distinctive flavor, along with a dusting of powdered sugar to appeal to kids. French toast suits a special occasion with the addition of a luscious center; simply turn two French toast slices into a sandwich by spreading a mixture of cream cheese and fruit jam between them.


Punch a cookie cutter shape in the center of a slice of bread, such as foccacia or brioche, then pour an egg or egg substitute inside the shape. Cook the toast and eggs in a skillet. Then, cover both sides with melted shredded cheese and slice up ripe tomatoes on top. Omelets are both nutritious and flavorful. Create a Spanish omelet by cooking the eggs in a skillet with olive oil and thinly sliced potato wedges, topped with herbs including parsley. To work some veggies into your brunch, fold in some sliced zucchini, spinach or bell pepper. Drizzle the omelet with creamy dressing, and the kids might not even realize the veggies are there.

Savory Dishes

Waffles don't have to be served with sweet syrup. Instead make brunch-ready waffle sandwiches with whole-grain batter. Top the waffles with turkey, ham, cheddar slices and a little butter or margarine. Add some tomatoes, lettuce or sliced mushrooms for a more wholesome brunch snack. Ask the kids to spend the morning baking with you, tossing together a loaf of hot cheesy bread with poppy seeds for extra texture and crunch. Serve with a little fresh butter for an indulgent brunch treat.


Whip up creamy, protein-rich shakes that provide nutrition while tasting sweet and satisfying. Chocolate syrup, milk and frozen bananas blend together for a creamy treat; top with chopped walnuts or almonds for crunch. For a light, fizzy and colorful drink, blend sparkling non-alcoholic cider with chilled pureed fruit. Strawberries, raspberries or blackberries are flavorful choices that look enchanting in glasses but try creative mixes, such as kiwi or orange, garnished with a slice of your chosen fruit.