Brunch Ideas for Fried Chicken Cutlets

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Brunch should be a relaxed meal with friends and family. Because it's a cross between breakfast and lunch, fried chicken cutlets don't seem out of place at a brunch. Combine the cutlets with traditional breakfast foods and flavors. Fry the cutlets at the last moment so the crust stays crisp. If you're feeding a crowd, keep the cutlets in a warm oven on a cookie sheet covered with paper towels.

Eggs Benedict and More

The classic combination of salty ham, crisp English muffin, rich hollandaise sauce and poached eggs is worth getting up for. Add in a chicken cutlet for your own version of eggs Benedict. Eggs Florentine substitutes wilted spinach for the ham. A south-of-the-border take uses a crisp corn taco, salsa, the chicken cutlet and a sunny-side-up egg.

Waffles and Sauce

Fried chicken is served with hot waffles and maple syrup or honey. Substitute the fried chicken with a chicken cutlet. Another option is to top the chicken cutlet with creamy scrambled eggs and bechamel sauce instead of sweet syrups. Take a trip to India and use a curry sauce made with garam masala over the chicken and waffles. Add additional hot sauce or red pepper flakes to turn up the heat. A quick option is to use bottled ranch or spicy tomato salad dressing as the sauce.

Biscuits and Chicken

Biscuits and gravy is a favorite for breakfast in the South and so is fried chicken for lunch. Combine the two for brunch. Bring out piping hot biscuits and hot gravy. If both are hot, the chicken can be room temperature. Add shredded cheese to the biscuits before baking and top the chicken with cheese sauce. Chervil and tarragon are naturals with chicken. Add the herbs to the biscuits before baking. Make a quick cream sauce with the chopped herbs.

Deviled Chicken and Eggs

It doesn't matter if the chicken or the egg came first because you use both in deviled chicken and eggs. Chop the fried chicken cutlet and add it to the egg yolks of hard-boiled eggs along with mustard and mayonnaise. Stuff the mixture into the halved egg whites. Another option is to soft boil the eggs so the yolk is cooked but still runny. Chop the eggs with butter and spread over the chicken cutlet. Sprinkle the cutlet with a slice of bacon. Create a chicken and egg salad and serve on toasted slider buns.