How to Bring Out the Best in Others

Photo by Denis L. Pogostin

Why work to bring out the best in others? For starters you'll make more friends, because the better you can make other people feel about themselves, the more they'll want to be around you. And if it's true what they say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then partnerships, families, companies, communities and worlds are only as strong as their weakest individuals. So commit to help everybody you know reach their ultimate potential.

How to Bring Out the Best in Others

Become an instrument of inspiration. Your words, actions, energy-even your smallest thoughts-will either promote or prevent the growth of those around you. Choose to be the type of person who inspires others to become better and brighter.

Witness potential everywhere. If you believe only in what already is, you perpetuate the status quo, and greatness was never achieved by perpetuating the status quo. Instead of seeing only who a person is, see also who this person can become.

Speak as if others already radiate their potential. Instead of saying, "You would look hot in that skirt if you did a few more lunges," say, "You look smashing in that skirt." Instead of saying, "You would have nailed that presentation if you had talked slower," say, "You did an awesome job on that presentation."

Give instruction in positive terms. I once dated a guy who coached junior high basketball. He told me this: "I never say, 'Don't drop the ball.' If I say that, my players almost always drop the ball. Instead I say, 'Hold on to the ball.' That's the secret that transforms their hands to glue."

Praise generously and sincerely. Find admirable qualities-beauty, talent, wisdom, dedication-in everybody around you and verbally acknowledge these talents on a regular basis.

Always make eye contact when you speak. It is inspiring when a person looks you directly in the eyes.

Treat yourself lightly. We all have all have weak spots, downfalls and unconscious habits that dull our spirit and prevent us from achieving our dreams. That's okay, it's part of being human. And you must not beat yourself up simply for being human. Treat yourself with a loving heart, speak kindly, tread softly. You cannot inspire others to greatness if you aren't also inspiring yourself to the same.