Bridal Shower Games & Gifts

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Playing games is a common activity at most bridal showers. When you have games you will want to give gifts to the winners. Bridal showers also typically give a shower favor to each guest in attendance. The hosts of the bridal shower are responsible for planning the games, the favors and the gifts.

Shower Favors

When guests arrive at a bridal shower, tables are decorated with centerpieces, tablecloths and party favors. Party favors are a great way of thanking the guests for coming and are typically very simple, yet meaningful. One popular bridal shower favor is a fancy cookie wrapped in decorative cellophane and ribbon. It is typically in some wedding shape and is generally purchased and not baked at home. Other great ideas for favors are bridal-shower mint tins, candies and personalized tea bags.

Classic Games

One of the classic games played at bridal showers is a bridal-shower word search, which you can make at home or print online. The word search contains words that relate to a wedding. Bridal gift bingo is another game that keeps guests entertained. Give guests a blank bingo card and tell them to fill in each square with an item they believe the couple will receive as a gift. When the gifts are opened, guests mark off the items on their bingo cards as the couple receives them. The first several guests to get “bingo” win a prize.

Other Games

The wishing-well game is a way for guests to offer a small gift along with a personal message for the couple. Make a wishing well out of a box or basket prior to the shower. Inform guests prior to coming that this well will be there and that this is an optional activity. Guests bring a small gift with a note attached -- a good-luck message or bit of advice -- and place it in the wishing well.


Give gifts to guests when they win a game. It is important to plan for handing out more gifts than thought would be needed. Gifts for winning games at bridal showers can be almost anything. Some popular items given as gifts are candles, body lotions, dish towels, perfume and candy.