Bridal Shower Cakes Ideas

There are plenty of ideas for a bridal shower cakes, some being more traditional than others. Not every bride has a cake at her bridal shower celebration, but they are definitely a nice touch to add to the event. Adding these types of touches that signify the bride's personality will make the event all the more special.


First, decide whether to have a homemade cake or a store-bought cake. Either way, personal touches can be added at home or at your request to the baker. The bridal shower cake is not as important as the wedding cake, so it may be easier just to make it yourself. But, if you are not a cake connoisseur, you may prefer to order one instead.

To ensure you have a big enough cake, be sure to count the number of women invited to the shower, and assume each person will have one slice. Some may ask for seconds, so the best idea is to have a cake serve the number of guests invited plus some.

The flavor of the cake is one of the most fun aspects. After all, you may stare at it for a few minutes and take in its beauty, but eating it is so much more enjoyable. There are dozens of cake flavors to choose from, and you can be creative and make one of your own.

Creative Cake Ideas

One of the easiest ideas is to have the cake reflect the bridal shower theme. A beach wedding, for example, would call for a cake decorated in brown sugar to simulate sand and chocolate molded into the shape of seashells.

If you don’t like the idea of cake alone, having a tier of cupcakes in the shape of a cake also is a modern classic. Each guest would have her own cupcake, and you can have a variety of different flavors when they are individually wrapped.

Another idea would be to have the cake made in the shape of something the bride loves. For instance, an expensive designer handbag is something she may not be able to afford, so what about a cake in the shape and size of an actual handbag? This is such a great personal touch, and it can be used as the theme of the shower as well.

Elements of the bridal registry can be taken into the cake design. Perhaps make a cake, or have it made, to resemble that gorgeous china pattern the bride has chosen. What a great way to personalize the cake just for her. You even can do a miniature preview of the wedding cake at the bridal shower.

One other fun idea would be a cake that is not actually cake. Building a cake structure with things such as monogrammed handkerchiefs that guests can take home is a great way for them to remember the shower.