Bridal Party Punch Bowl Drinks

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Weddings are a time to celebrate, and there are many parties that surround the actual wedding when you can do just that. Occasionally when these parties are thrown, there are several beverages from which to choose; however, serving one perfectly selected punch can go far in adding to your bridal party theme and ambiance. Be sure to select a punch recipe that coordinates with your color scheme and to fully decorate around it, making it the centerpiece of the food table.

Rose Punch

This rose punch recipe has a lovely peachy color and is decorated with raspberries, peaches and pineapple. It is a sweet tasting fresh punch perfect for a bridal party. The recipe will serve nine guests, so be sure to adjust the ingredient amounts to suit your needs. In a pretty punch bowl, mix one 750-ml bottle of chilled rose wine with 2 cups of chilled sparkling yellow lemonade and 2 tbsp. of a raspberry-flavored liqueur, such as Chambord. Combine all liquid ingredients in the punch bowl well without overstirring; take care not to flatten the sparkling lemonade. Add four peaches that have been sliced into thin wedges, and one pineapple that has been cut into 1-inch chunks. When fruit is combined, garnish the punch with 1 pt. of raspberries. Add ice cubes to keep punch chilled after it is left out on the table.

Mimosa Punch

Mimosas are practically a must-have for any good bridal party that starts in the daytime hours. For this mimosa punch, simply put one can of orange juice concentrate that has been thawed but is still cold into a punch bowl and mix with a wooden spoon to soften. Mix in 4 cups of chilled club soda and thoroughly combine. Slowly pour sparkling wine into the orange juice mixture and gently stir, taking care not to flatten the sparkling wine. Garnish the punch with a few thin slices of lemon or orange. This punch recipe will serve eight to 10 people, so adjust the ingredient amounts to suit the number of people you will be serving.

Italian Sparkling Punch

This Italian punch is also called Sgroppino. It will help elevate your soiree into a classy bridal party. In a large punch bowl, mix two bottles of Prosecco that have been chilled with 2/3 cup of cold vodka. Add 2 cups of lemon sorbet that have been slightly softened to the top of the punch. Garnish the top of the punch bowl with a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves. This punch recipe will serve 12 guests. Be sure not to add the sorbet until just before serving so it doesn’t melt.

Pink Lemonade Punch

Pink lemonade punch is a fun, flirty and girly punch to serve to a group of women at a bridal shower, lunch or prewedding gathering. This recipe will serve six to eight guests, so be sure to adjust the ingredients for the number of people you will be hosting at your bridal party. Mix two cans of frozen pink lemonade concentrate that have been slightly softened with one bottle of champagne of your choice in a large punch bowl. Stir gently until frozen lemonade is completely dissolved. Garnish this simple punch with 1/2 pt. of sliced strawberries, two sliced peaches and one sliced mango.