Breakfasts Without Eggs

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Eggs are often featured in magazine ads, restaurant commercials and on menus as part of a healthy, well-rounded breakfast. But there's no requirement that you must serve them to your family every morning. Build a repertoire of egg-free breakfasts to help your family start the day off right.

Bowled Over Buffet

Give your kids so many choices for breakfast that they won't even miss eggs. Create a healthy buffet of cereal, which can serve as a filling and fulfilling breakfast meal, then encourage your kids to concoct their own creations. By letting them mix and match -- a few flakes here, a handful of crisps there -- breakfast becomes an adventure. Set up a healthy meal by choosing nutritious cereals, and include bowls of bananas and berries to up the nutritional content. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that cereals have at least 1.5 grams of fiber per ounce and as little sugar as possible. Your kids may cry out for their sugar-filled favorites, but many cereals are just as sweet -- and fun -- without the added sugar.

Make 'em Muffins

Show your little muffins all your love by baking them a batch of hot, fresh muffins for breakfast. The beauty of muffins is that you can tailor them to your family's taste preferences while still filling them with good, healthy ingredients. Avoid store-bought muffins from the bakery aisle; they're more like cakes in a wrapper than a healthy start to the day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest baking up a batch of muffins with half whole-wheat flour to boost your family's fiber intake and using unsweetened applesauce when oil is called for. Your family won't notice the difference as they gobble up your carrot, pumpkin or berry delights.

Master Mixologist

Man the mixer at your home and become your family's mixologist -- no alcohol required. Breakfast shakes may be the only way to cram some healthy ingredients into your on-the-go family. With family members rushing to make it to school and the office on time, a portable shake with customized ingredients, such as yogurt and milk, make for a satisfying starter. Prepare the shakes ahead of time -- you can mix up a batch for everyone in your family the night before and have it ready to pour in the morning. Add in boosters, such as bran, flaxseed and fruit, before you blend and amp up the fun by giving everyone their own reusable breakfast travel cups.

The Meal Deal

Cutting eggs out of a breakfast meal doesn't mean leaving your square meal without a corner. There are no rules about what you must serve your family -- you know their tastes and health best so fill their plates. Create your own delicious meal deal, such as a few slices of whole-wheat toast, home fries seasoned with ranch dressing mix and crisp turkey bacon. Serve oatmeal, pancakes and flavored cottage cheese for healthy morning meals without eggs.