Braiding Styles for Thinning Black Hair


0:04 this is run a court from J Joseph salon

0:07 and spa and this is about braids with

0:09 natural hair the transition from going

0:12 from a relaxer to natural hair is

0:15 becoming more and more popular with

0:17 protective hair styling you want to make

0:20 sure that you take few things in

0:21 consideration though so you keep the

0:23 integrity of the hair in the meantime

0:26 usually the transition happens with

0:29 going with twists or braids but make

0:33 sure that your twists and braids stay

0:36 kind of loose so you do not hurt or

0:39 damage the integrity of the hair and

0:41 create breakage number two retwisting

0:44 andrey braiding try to keep that to a

0:46 minimal number three make sure that you

0:49 always keep your scalp moisturize

0:51 by doing at least weekly shampoo and

0:53 conditioners and number four don't keep

0:56 your braids and your twists and for too

0:59 long to prevent locking and create

1:02 bridge breakage this is wearing a core

1:04 from jay joseph salon and spa and this

1:06 is braids with natural hair