Braided Hairstyles for Black Women


0:00 and now I will demonstrate

0:02 african-american braiding some of the

0:05 most popular hairstyles among have

0:08 african-american women by braiding is

0:10 cornrows two strand twists freestanding

0:15 braids braids shoes and synthetic hair

0:18 or braids using human hair and now I

0:20 would demonstrate African American

0:22 rating by doing a corn to braid the hair

0:27 again I would suggest taking half of an

0:31 inch sub section and then braiding the

0:34 hair closely close down onto the scalp

0:40 as tight as possible without causing as

0:44 tight as possible without causing any

0:46 discomfort to your client

1:13 if you are not a breeder or I have not

1:18 yet learned the technique of braiding

1:21 with three strands another way to break

1:31 the hair down to the scalp is just by

1:32 using a two strand braid and this is

1:37 simply by twisting the hair back onto

1:42 the scale

2:05 and then secure your braids with a clip

2:10 unless of course you need to continue

2:14 braiding all the way down to the end

2:27 and that is how you do a cornrow on

2:31 african-american hair which is one way

2:33 to demonstrate how to braid hair