How to know if your boyfriend is Self-Centered

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If you've been having suspicions that your boyfriend might be self-centered, you'll want to know for sure. There's no sure way to determine a person's level of self-centeredness, but there are some strategies you can employ to find out. Techniques such as observing his behavior around your family and asking a friend for her thoughts can help you figure out if you are in a one-sided relationship.

Listen to your boyfriend's speech patterns, focusing on who and what he talks about most. Does he only talk about himself? Does he ask about you? Talking mainly about himself can be a sign that he's self-centered.

Introduce your boyfriend to friends and family, and watch how he interacts with them. A self-centered person won't ask questions about new acquaintances, such as where they work, where they live and what they do for fun.

Pay attention to how your boyfriend acts on special occasions, such as your birthday or anniversary.

Observe other couples you know to see how they interact and how their behavior might differ from the way you and your boyfriend interact.

Ask a trusted friend what she thinks about your boyfriend. A real friend should be able to offer an outside perspective, and perhaps she can see some things you can't about your boyfriend.