Boyfriend Scrapbook Ideas

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Whether you've been dating for a few months or a couple of years, you'll probably have a number of souvenirs from your time as a couple. Gather everything and create a keepsake scrapbook full of memories. Use it as surprise gift for your boyfriend or keep it for yourself to remember a happy period in your life.

Picture Perfect!

Don't leave photos stuck on memory cards. Instead, upload favorite shots of you and your boyfriend from your cellphone or camera and get printouts of them. You can easily do it yourself at home or take the memory card to a photo store. Use the pictures to document and recreate the story of your relationship. Add witty comments and thought bubbles or simply add dates, times and locations to help stir memories. Affix buttons, scraps of fabric or coins using a glue gun to accentuate the photos.

Letters From the Heart

Put pen to paper and create romantic poems for your boyfriend. If sappy is not your style, get creative and come up with rhymes that suit his sense of humor. You've probably held on tight to the love notes that the two of you have exchanged, so include those too to remind you of the good times. He may be wowed by your words, or perhaps he'd enjoy well-chosen lyrics from some of your and his favorite songs. Embellish the scrapbook's romantic pages with ribbons or dried, pressed flowers and don't forget a quick spray of your perfume, or a cologne he wears that is your favorite.

Remember When

Empty out that shoebox full of mementos and put them to work. You may have kept receipts, ticket stubs, menus or doodles on napkins that you can incorporate into your scrapbook with a little imagination. Arrange the souvenirs as pages of colorful collages or use them to accompany photos. For example, if the two of you attended a show, maybe you kept the program and tickets -- use them to complement the photo you took together outside the theater.

U R Gr8!

A significant number of people use some form of social media to communicate with their loved one. Choose some of your boyfriend's texts, Tweets or Facebook posts and include them in your scrapbook. You might have exchanged funny jokes, declared love or shared sweet moments in cyberspace that you can save for a long time. Tech-savvy folks should download social media exchanges to their computer. Print them, cut them out and stick them on colored construction paper, cut with pinking shears. Use them throughout the scrapbook.