How to Know the Signs Your Boyfriend is Not Over His Ex

You love your boyfriend so much but sometimes you wonder if he is really over his ex. What does he do that make you think that way? How would you know? What are the signs?

Does he talk about his ex all the time? Does he bring her up in most of your conversation with him? If yes, it means he can't stop thinking about his ex. It's obvious that he still has feelings and cares for her if he keeps talking about her even if you are not bringing it up.

Does he still communicate with his ex girlfriend? How often? Does he tell you that he still talks to her? Does he tell you what they talk about? Does he keep lines of communication with his ex open?

For others, it is better to cut communication with exes especially if it was an ugly breakup. If after the breakup, you two tried to work things out and it was not successful, it is better to be apart and stay away from each other.

Why is it better to close lines of communication with an ex? Not only because an ex is part of your past, it is also better for you and whomever you're with now. It just shows that you respect your current boyfriend/girlfriend. Not talking to an ex does not mean you're not friends with the ex anymore. Just accept the fact that the relationship already ended, you move on, and leave the past behind. Once you have passed the acceptance stage and moved on, all your bad feelings toward an ex are gone. You are able to forgive an ex and consider an ex a "friend" not an enemy. So, yes you can be friends with an ex but talking or speaking doesn't necessarily be involved.

If your boyfriend doesn't care whether he talks or meets his ex, he's over his ex. If he can live without communicating with an ex, he's over his ex.

Are there times he mistakenly calls you her name? If this has happened before, that means he was thinking about his ex or may have been communicating with his ex.

Does he still keep stuff that his ex gave him? Can he let go of these things? If your boyfriend cannot let go of the things his ex has given him, this just shows that he cares for his ex or he still has feelings for her. He wants to keep these things because it reminds him of his ex. Hey, that's bad Feng Shui. Don't keep things from past relationships. Let go of these things and be fully committed to your present relationship.

Does he listen to songs about breakups or anything that remind him of his ex? If he listens to songs like Who Knew by Pink, Let Me Love You by Mario, What's Left Of Me by Nick Lachey, Lately by Tyrese... then think again.

Can your boyfriend go to places (especially places where they used to go) not being afraid or having to worry that both of you might run into his ex? Does your boyfriend care? If he cares or worries about bumping into his ex and seeing him with you, your boyfriend cares about his ex's feelings. He cares that she might get hurt when she sees him with you. Your boyfriend may also be avoiding to run into his ex because he is afraid to see his ex with another man.