How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Jealous

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You and your boyfriend have been bonding and seem inseparable. You're happy that you've found him, especially with all of the extra attention he gives you. However, you can't tell if his new-found focus is because he's really into you or if he's jealous. If your guy is starting to show signs that he may be a green-eyed monster, put him to the test, and decide if his behavior will get him washed out of your life.

Recognize if he questions everything you say. You knew he had trust issues, but more and more he seems to challenge your reasons for doing normal things in your life. Pay attention to how every time you mention something about where you're going or what you're doing, he raises an eyebrow and asks you a series of questions requesting details of your story.

Notice if you two seem to be constantly joined at the hip. If you try to get some time to yourself, does he put up a temper tantrum worse than a toddler? If you need to do something simple, like running to the grocery store to pick up spaghetti sauce, does he pout when he can't tag along?

Note how if you don't provide him with the particulars of your whereabouts or your chance encounter at the mall with a guy, he's distant, standoffish and maybe even angry. However, once you give him the detailed explanations he's dying to hear, he's fine and dandy. Reassure him, and see if that fixes his attitude.

Tell him you'd like to spend time with your family or hang out with your friends at a barbecue. If he gives you suggestions for things the two of you can do alone instead, like cuddling by the television or cooking at home together, he's probably jealous. If you agree not to see your family or friends, and he acts as if he's just won the lottery, that indicates a problem, as well. Ask him outright if he minds if you spend time with your family and friends to see if he will fess up to the jealousy.

Confront him with an explanation. Consider that he may not notice what he's doing. Keep in mind his previous relationship experience and whether his jealous tendencies are things he may need your help controlling. Voice your opinion about his habits to see if he's willing to make adjustments. If he seems amiable to change, you may not have to get rid of him so soon after all.