Boxers Vs. Boxer Briefs

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Boxers and boxer briefs are two prominent styles of underwear. Men have a choice between many styles in these two categories--to pick the best underwear for you, it is important to look at several different aspects of boxers versus boxer briefs.


Boxers and boxer briefs are longer than regular men's underwear. Instead of being cut at the thighs and legs, boxers and boxer briefs have legs of their own. Some styles hang down a man's thighs. Boxers and boxer briefs have elastic around the waist. The difference between the two is that boxers are cut like shorts, while boxer briefs are form-fitting and tighter.


Boxers have a loose fit. Many men prefer wearing these because of the looseness factor and because boxers resemble shorts. Boxer briefs have a tighter fit through the thighs. Men who like these prefer them because of the together fit. Boxers and boxer briefs come in a variety of sizes--from small to medium to large and beyond.


Boxers and boxer briefs are different in the security they offer to the wearer. Men wearing boxers do not have any tight cloth to hold anything in, while boxer briefs are tighter and do hold more things in. Therefore, you might feel more secure wearing boxer briefs than you would wearing boxers.


Boxers and boxer briefs come in different styles. Boxer briefs tend to be styled more like regular underwear. Most of the time, they are found with solid colors, or stripes, or other slight design variations. Boxers come in the same solid colors and stripes, but are often found in fun and interesting styles as well. Many times, holiday-themed boxers are available. Boxer briefs tend to be more serious, while boxers can be more fun.


Your own particular likes and dislikes must factor in when choosing between boxers or boxer briefs. Some men wear a variety of types of underwear, while some prefer one style only.

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