Bottlecap Hat Ideas

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After throwing a party, you are likely to have a lot of extra soda or beer bottle caps laying around your home and patio. Instead of throwing these caps away, recycle them into crafts. Easily personalize hats by adding colorful bottle caps to the brim or the cap.

Cowboy Hat

Revamp an old straw cowboy hat by personalizing it with bottle caps. Begin by folding the bottle caps in half around the rim of the cap. Clamp them down using a flat plastic vise to avoid ruining the paint on the cap. Add decoration to the hatband by punching two holes to the center of the bottle cap using the tip of an angled razor blade. Thread a leather band through the holes in the cap and wrap it around the hat band. Use hot glue to hold the ends of the leather band together.

Hat Pin

Make your own hat pin using a bottle cap. Glue a flat pin to the back of the bottle cap using hot glue. It is easiest to fill the center of the bottle cap with glue before attaching the pin so that you have a flat surface for the pin to be glued onto. Wrap a paper or lace doily around the bottle cap and glue it in place with a hot glue gun. Color the doily with coffee or a soft drink. Wrap a brightly colored ribbon around the hatband of your bottle cap hat. Then pin your handmade hat to a larger hat or a backpack.

Bottle Cap Flower

Add a colorful decoration to a bland old hat using a fake flower and a bottle cap. Cut the stem off of a brightly colored fake flower that has a large stigma (the center part of the flower that the petals attach to). Sunflowers or daisies work like a dream for this. Get the back of the fake flower as flat as possible and hot glue it onto your hat. Once it is securely attached to the hat, hot glue the bottle cap over the stigma so it appears the petals stem from the cap. For a more aesthetically appealing look, fold the sides of the bottle cap inside the cap so it appears to be completely flat.

Patterned Design

Add a personalized touch to an old baseball cap by creating your own design with felt and bottle caps. Cut a square of fabric in a complementary color to the baseball cap. Gather a variety of bottle caps and fold the sides into the center of the cap so only the flat top is showing. Either keep the logos on the cap or use spray paint to color the caps. Decorate the caps further by adding decorations with acrylic paint. Punch a sturdy needle through the aluminum cap and sew them in rows onto the felt. The felt is attached to the cap with hot glue or with a needle and thread.