Boot Camps for Out of Control Teens in Washington State

Sometimes young people fall into behavior patterns that worry their parents and may get them in trouble with the law. In this case, parents may desire a form of intervention that helps their children to transform. The state of Washington has numerous boot camps for young people that attempt to accomplish precisely that.

Basic Info

Boot camps for teens in Washington, as in other states, offer an instructional mechanism for parents to reroute their child's development. In some cases, this offers an alternative to state incarceration should the teen have been involved in delinquent or criminal activity. This is not always the case however. Sometimes the teen may be in need of motivational forces to raise, self-esteem, productivity, mood or confidence.


These sites are quasi-military. They place especial emphasis on physical fitness, sometimes requiring students to engage in exercise or training all but one day of the week. Boot camps rely on positive support from both instructors and peers to help kids set and accomplish goals. In addition, camps provide both academic courses and career-oriented trending to keep teens focused and looking ahead.

Duration, Family and Follow-up Features

Duration of stay may depend on the institution or specific child. It is common to see programs range from a year to a year and a half. Family contact is encouraged. The contact may be composed of regular letter writing and intermittent visitation periods such as on prescribed weekends. Again, depending on the institution and what's deemed necessary for an individual, the boot camp may require continued dialog with the student, parents, school or local authorities after they have left the camp in order to ascertain their progress.

Other Features

In addition to offering these instructive services, boot camps offer other services. These include room and board for the tuition paid as well as quality food throughout each day. The camp also has to provide general cleanliness of the facility. Some institutions particularly focus on the spiritual aspect of development although they do not outwardly advertise as necessarily religious in nature. Boot camps, despite their name, do offer non-work oriented or fun activities as well. These include, but are not limited to, mountain climbing, sailing, rafting and other sports.