Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

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Every year, booster clubs raise funds to cover the cost of running their respective organizations and sports teams. Organizations do this through fundraisers and direct donations. Coming up with ideas for your booster club's fundraiser is often a daunting task. A good fundraising event must be easy to execute and inspire your audience to act. A few good ideas can help spark your creative spirit and get you on your way to organizing a successful fundraiser.

Battle of the Bands

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A battle of the bands fundraiser draws crowds eager to hear good music. Decide on a prize for the winning band. Contact local studios and ask if they'd be willing to donate studio time as a prize for first place. Set a reasonable price for entrance tickets, such as $5, and stick to a genre that is popular in your city of town. For example, if you live in Nashville, Tennessee, invite country bands. Hold auditions and choose the best bands to compete.

Jail and Bail

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Organize a jail-and-bail event where attendees agree to let you "arrest" them, and while in jail, they contact friends, family, coworkers and associates to post their "bail." The bail is a donation that goes to your organization. Set up a mock jail at one of your organization's regular events to draw more people. Select members to dress up as police officers. Create funny signs for prisoners to hold while having their mug shots taken. Come up with entertaining reasons to arrest people such as smiling too broadly or wearing certain colors. If the event is for a sports organization, include coaches and players. For a school organization, recruit teachers and parents to participate.


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Invite grilling enthusiasts to register for a grill master competition. Specify categories, such as chicken, pork ribs and beef brisket. Instead of selecting a panel of judges, have attendees taste the competitors' offerings and vote for their favorite. Ask competitors to talk about the organization with attendees while they show off their grilling skills. A trophy and the title of grill master is a prize idea. Alternatively, see if one of your local appliance stores is willing to donate a grill or grilling supplies as prizes. Charge an entrance fee for attendees as well as a registration fee for competitors.

Hold a Virtual Yard Sale

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Take advantage of the reach of the online marketplace by holding an online yard sale. Have people donate new or used items under specified categories, such as electronics, apparel and sports equipment. Create a listing on a virtual yard sale site, or a consumer-to-consumer sales site. Take photos of the items for sale and upload the photos to the site, along with your description and information about the organization you're raising money for. It takes about five minutes to create a listing and have it up live for buyers to see. Do this for each item until you have a catalog of items listed for sale. Interested buyers will contact you to make purchase arrangement. Choose the local pickup item to reduce or avoid shipping costs.