Blue & Pink Beverage Ideas for a Baby Shower

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While the focus of a baby shower is on the mother-to-be and showering her with gifts, the food and beverages make the difference between an average baby shower and a spectacular one. If the party is pink-themed for a girl or blue-themed for a boy, matching the beverages to the color scheme makes an impressive presentation. Include a variety of drink options for the guests, ranging from traditional punch to the more modern “mocktails,” which are alcohol-free cocktails.

Basic Beverages

To keep things simple, you can serve basic drinks that do not require many ingredients such as pink lemonade, or pink and blue drink mixes that you only require sugar and water. To make blue lemonade, add pureed blueberries and blackberries to freshly squeezed lemonade, adding a few drops of blue food coloring to make it bluer in appearance. You could also serve water with a few drops of food coloring to make it pink or blue.

Traditional Shower Punches

Punch is a traditional beverage at baby showers because the mommy-to-be cannot drink. With the right ingredients, you can make punch any color. For a baby girl shower, make a pink punch by combining a packet of strawberry or raspberry drink mix with a 2-liter bottle of lemon-lime or ginger ale soda. Add a few scoops of raspberry sorbet or strawberry ice cream to make the drink frothy and even sweeter. For a blue punch, try combining a blue raspberry drink mix with 2 liters of lemon-lime soda, adding either vanilla or blueberry ice cream on top. Because it is blue, the frothiness that occurs as the ice cream is melting makes it look like a frothy bubble bath. Add one or two clean rubber ducks to complete the baby bath time look.


Mocktails are a more modern approach to serving non-alcoholic beverages at the baby shower. Mocktails look the same as cocktails and typically taste very similar, minus the alcohol. For pink-colored mocktails, try a strawberry lemonade daiquiri, adding equal parts lemonade and fresh strawberries in a blender. Fill the blender the rest of the way with crushed ice and blend until smooth. Another pink mocktail to try is a play on the traditional cosmo. Combine 3 parts cranberry juice with 1 part lime juice and 1/2-part raspberry-flavored syrup, and a splash of orange juice. Garnish the drink with a lime wedge. To make a blue-colored mocktail, crush the blueberries, and then add equal parts club soda and crushed blueberries in a blender, along with a splash of lemon juice and sugar, to taste. Blend until well combined. You can also try a non-alcoholic version of a blue Hawaii by combining three parts pineapple juice, 1 part sweet and sour mix and 1 part sweetened blue raspberry mix.

Serving Glasses

Serve mocktails in the appropriate glasses for regular cocktails. Martini mocktails should be served in martini glasses, for example. This makes everyone feel like they are enjoying a sophisticated, adult drink. Another idea for drinks that are not pink or blue is to serve them in colored pink and blue glasses. To add another small touch of pink or blue, decorate the glasses by tying a pink or blue ribbon around the stems or create a special sticker for the shower in pink or blue, commemorating the event, and place them on the drink glasses.