Blue & Gold Banquet Centerpiece Idea

For a Cub Scout pack, few events are bigger than the Blue and Gold Banquet. Celebrating Scout Anniversary Week with a Scouting birthday party usually occurs at the February pack meeting. This easily adaptable centerpiece is easy enough for the Scouts to make and will help you bring families together for an evening of fun.


Cut a 5-inch foam block in half diagonally with a sharp knife. Paint each half yellow or blue using a "scrubbing" technique to work the paint into the block. Use only craft paint that specifically states it can be used on foam. Use each half to make a separate centerpiece.


Insert a small tree branch far enough into the block that the entire centerpiece will stand on its own. The branch can be painted or left natural. When selecting a branch, keep in mind the weight of the branch vs. the piece of foam that will support it, and choose one with numerous offshoots that can be used to hang items on later.


Hang from the branches items that are important to the pack members who will be sitting at the table. These could be pictures from events throughout the year, names of members or items that relate to the theme of the banquet.


Create a topper out of cardboard to be placed on the top of the tree branch, similar to the star on top of a Christmas tree. This could be the diamond-shaped den symbols (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) or another item tying into the banquet theme. Repeat this process for each centerpiece created.


Finish the centerpiece by draping a short string of Christmas lights over the offshoots of the branch for added dazzle.