Black and Gold Blazer Men Outfit Ideas

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When you've discovered a well-cut, black blazer adorned with gold buttons or a gold crest, it seems like you have in your hands the type of garment that should work wonders with a slew of interesting outfits -- and it is -- but sometimes a little help is called for when you're trying to pull a look together. There's no need to worry -- all you need are some solid outfit ideas that span the spectrum from casual to slightly formal and you'll be heading in the right sartorial direction with this versatile jacket.

With Bold Color

If you're a fan of brighter hues, a black blazer with gold details is an excellent and interesting neutral background for your more colorful pieces. Imagine a white button-down shirt tucked into a pair of vivid chinos -- think fuchsia or cobalt blue. Now top that with a black and gold-adorned blazer and slide your feet into black, low-profile sneakers for a more casual take -- or choose black Oxfords without socks for a fashion-forward, sleek finish.

University Chic

Go for a classic, Ivy-League-inspired outfit by playing up your black and gold blazer's university vibe. Pair the fitted blazer with a blue Oxford shirt tucked into a pair of neutral chinos or cargo pants -- try deep mustard or Army green -- to avoid creating a too-polished, conservative look. Slip on a pair of low-profile black or gray sneakers with white laces. For an extra kick, throw on a navy or black, nubby, vintage-inspired tie.

Refined Casual

By combining your black and gold-accented blazer with an otherwise polished, casual outfit, you create a laid-back look that has a refined quality to it. Start with a pair of classic khakis but roll them up messily a couple times at the ankles. Pull on a black button-down shirt or white T-shirt for a cool yet unstuffy appearance. Throw on your blazer and step into a pair of suede, sand-hued Oxfords or chukka boots.

Modern Prep

Wearing a blazer with a pair of jeans is a super-versatile look that works as well on dates as it does for weekend brunch or a casual Friday at the office. Start with a double-breasted black blazer with gold buttons for a dressier look or go with a single-breasted jacket if you want to tone it down a bit. Pull on a pair of dark-blue non-distressed straight-leg jeans. Add a button-down cotton shirt with a barely-there print -- think pale blue and white windowpane or tiny dots. In cold weather, layer a black V-neck sweater over your shirt before adding the blazer. Slide a black leather belt through your belt loops, throw on your cordovan loafers and your look is complete.