Black Friday Survival Guide: 18 DIYs for Doorbusters


Whether or not you fancy yourself a bargain shopper, you probably know all about Black Friday and the worthwhile deals you can score. You've also probably heard how much of a marathon the day can be, from waiting in line to staying comfortable to keeping your energy up. In anticipation of the biggest shopping day of the year, we've gathered the best DIYs that will help you win Black Friday.

1. Get Fit Before the Big Event

While the hours before Black Friday will be filled with a lot of sitting, the main event might require you to run, climb or carry a heavy smart TV. Boost up your fitness with five essential exercises.


2. Sew a Backpack

You'll want to bring a backpack to keep all of your Black Friday supplies organized for a long day of shopping. Why not make your own from scratch? This tutorial explains how to put your own custom style into the design.

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3. Drink a Healthy Beverage for Energy

When those doors at Best Buy swing open, you'll need energy to make a mad dash to the laptops. Bring a green smoothie like this one which includes bananas, spinach and cashews for a balanced and filling beverage.

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4. Make a Warm Drink

Hot chocolate, coffee, tea... as long as it's warm, it will keep you happy! When your wait in line hits hour three, a thermos of hot chocolate made with stout might be just the thing to brighten your spirits.

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5. Bring a Bottle of Wine (And Open it Without a Corkscrew!)

Speaking of making spirits bright, we recommend bringing a bottle of your favorite wine. You'll be everyone's favorite person in line, especially when you use a handy trick for opening the bottle without a corkscrew.


6. Keep Your Coffee Strong

Strong coffee will be a necessity while waiting in line. If you're a year-round iced coffee drinker, make your own cold brewed coffee to stay alert. Pro tip: Make coffee ice cubes that won't dilute your brew.

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7. Pack Some Snacks

You'll look forward to noshing on these coconut breakfast cookies in the wee morning hours. And guess what? They're totally healthy! We also love these must-try recipes for no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars and energy-boosting granola bars.

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8. Bring a Coffee Cozy

Multiple Starbucks runs are bound to occur, so why not bring along your own coffee cozy? Follow the link to learn how to make one from an old sweater and pass them out to all your new friends in line!

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9. Make a Portable Stove

If you're planning on waiting in line over night, a portable stove might come in handy to heat up food or drinks. Learn how to make one with common household items.

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10. Bundle Up in Style

Cool temperatures and lots of sitting will challenge your comfort level. You'll bring blankets, you'll bring coats, but why not try making a blanket coat?! Keep in mind you'll be carrying everything all day, so this is a great all-in-one garment.

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11. Keep Your Legs Warm

Full coverage footwear like thick socks and boots will help you stave off the cold. Try making a pair of leg warmers before heading out.

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12. Make a Pair of DIY Smittens

Why take the chance of losing a nice pair of gloves when you can turn an unused sweater into warm mittens (sweater to mittens = smittens... get it?). It'll be less disappointing if these fall out of your bag and get lost in the shuffle during the day.

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13. Pack a Blanket

When you set up camp in line, be sure to have a big blanket to sit on. Learn how to make a homemade blanket complete with convenient carrying straps. Bonus points for one that's double lined!

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14. Bring a Collapsible Table

The hours in line will go by a lot faster if you bring a pack of cards or a board game. Challenge your fellow shoppers to a game of poker, and play on a collapsible table that can quickly be broken down when the store opens.

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15. Stay Comfortable With a Gratitude Lumbar Pillow

When all is said and done, it's important to remember the real meaning of Thanksgiving; it's not all about those amazing deals! Make a lumbar pillow adorned with the word "gratitude" that will keep you comfortable and cognizant of the holiday.

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16. Be Prepared with a First Aid Kit

We sincerely hope that everyone who ventures out on Black Friday stays safe, but in case things get a little rough when the crowds start rushing the doors of Best Buy, it's best to stock a first aid kit with essentials like bandaids and water.

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17. Open Your Purchases

The plastic packaging around electronics is notoriously difficult to open. Our solution? Open it with a can opener! Follow the link to learn how to open tough packaging with ease. You won't ruin your manicure with this trick.


18. Build a Garment Rack

When you get home from a long day of shopping, be sure to hang up all of your Black Friday finds on a handmade industrial garment rack. Keep your new clothes wrinkle-free and ready for gifting (unless, of course, you plan on keeping them for yourself!).

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