Birthday Speech Introductions


0:01 Hey, Tracy Goodwin and we are talking about how to give a birthday speech, and how to

0:06 write it as well. The first thing I am just kind of going to give you a little bit of

0:10 an introduction about some things you have to have in your birthday speech. Now, first

0:16 of all we are talking about giving a speech for someone else's birthday. And the thing

0:22 that you need to remember, and this kind of a good thing, you don't have to talk for very

0:26 long. Birthday speeches are generally pretty short. The first thing that you always want

0:31 to do on a birthday speech, is thank, whomever, for inviting you to the party. Whether it

0:38 is the birthday recipient or the party planners, whoever it is. Give them a big shout out for

0:44 inviting you, as well as for asking you to give one of, or the birthday speech. You want

0:51 to definitely do that right up front. Also, immediately give a big congratulations to

0:57 the birthday girl or guy, all right, I mean it is their party. And then, the best thing

1:04 to do is talk about briefly a nice or an emotional funny moment that has happened at the party

1:13 up till now. Like, "Gosh Janet, the look on your face when we all shouted surprise was

1:21 absolutely priceless." Or, "the best thing about this so far is when Bob got the cake

1:29 thrown at him", or whatever it is. You usually get a chuckle out of the audience. But those

1:34 are the first things that you want to have for a great birthday speech.