The Best Birthday Presents for Grandparents

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One-third of people in the United States are grandparents, with 1.7 million new grandparents joining their ranks annually, according to the editors of Finding ways to create new memories and honor family milestones can help foster a bond between generations. Birthday celebrations are some of the most treasured occasions families can share, and finding the perfect birthday gift for grandparents can be fun, affordable, and meaningful. When it comes to birthday gifts for grandparents, the thought is truly what matters most; any thoughtful gift is sure to please the special grandparent in your life.

Homemade Gifts

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Especially when grandchildren are young, making gifts at home can be an affordable and meaningful way to honor grandparents' birthdays. Finger paints can be used to capture hand-prints and foot-prints on everything from paper to flower pots to aprons. Adding special quotes or poems to your craft adds personalization and can help gift givers capture the perfect sentiment. If finger painting sounds too messy or you are short on time, tastefully framing a piece of a grandchild's artwork can be another great take on homemade gifts for grandparents.

Photo Gifts

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A tried and true gift for grandparents is a photo gift. Today's photo processors -- in stores and online -- provide a variety of gifts that incorporate photos. In addition to framed photographs, it is possible to get photographs printed on mugs, rugs, plates, holiday ornaments and t-shirts. If you can't pick one photo, you can create calendars or collages. No matter what your budget, photo gifts are a great way to give personalized gifts for grandparents.

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Gifting grandparents with a new experience to share with their grandchildren can be a fun twist on a birthday gift. Given the hectic nature of our daily lives, taking time to do a new activity or check out a new place can be a fantastic gift that allows families to spend special time together and make new memories. Depending on the age of the grandchild experiences will vary, but some good ideas include shared cooking classes, golf lessons, a visit to the nail salon, a trip to a museum, zoo or aquarium, or maybe just visiting a favorite park.

Classic Gifts

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If you're not looking to put a twist on gifts for grandparents, classic gifts are still meaningful and valued. Grandmothers, depending on their interests, might enjoy gifts such as scarves, perfumes, cookbooks, trips to the spa or a special meal at a favorite restaurant. Grandfathers might enjoy a new tie, golf shirt, history book or sports memorabilia. Grandparents of all ages will enjoy magazine subscriptions, music or movies, or gear for their favorite hobby.