Birthday Present Ideas for a 60 Year Old Mother

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Many 60-year-old mothers seem to have nearly everything they need, making gift-giving a challenging and stressful endeavor. However, with a little reconnaissance and research you will find a gift sure to be on point. If your mother isn't sharing ideas, ask her friends if she has expressed interest in a personal item, an activity, or new gadget that she hasn't used before. Be observant when visiting and note anything from the kitchen that may be broken or missing, or ask her leading, but subtle, questions about any new hobbies or activities she may have recently discovered. You never know when the inspiration for a gift idea will hit.

Personal Gifts

Mothers in their 60s often prefer personal gifts that highlight their accomplishments and lives. Personal gifts can include photos of family members interacting, videos of family celebrations, clothing and personal care items, birthstone or Mother jewelry, books by her favorite author, music by her favorite artist or a copy of her favorite movie. Your mother might prefer a gift made personally by you that show your skills and talents. This may include her favorite homemade cookies, a scrapbook with your photos, a painting, a crocheted afghan or personalized quilt, a framed poem or a CD featuring you singing or playing a musical instrument.

Experience Gifts

If your mother is turning 60, she may prefer a gift that will provide her with an experience rather than an object that will take up more space. Experience gifts may include a vacation to a location she's always wanted to visit, a cruise, a hot air balloon ride, dinner to a favorite restaurant, or a trip to a concert, play, show or casino. A class in ballroom dancing, computer use, scuba diving, yoga or classical guitar may be welcome. A subscription to a fitness center, a visit to a health spa, a trip to a salon for a makeover, or a glamor photography session are good gifts for a 60 year old mother.

Gadget Gifts

Many 60-year-old women are learning to use newer technology in order to keep in touch with family and friends. Give your mother a new smart phone, laptop computer, iPod or mp3 player loaded with her favorite songs and a digital camera or camcorder. If your mother already has these devices, she'll need accessories for them such as applications, minutes, ring tones, a web cam, a printer, ink cartridges, a mouse, music downloads, memory cards and digital photo frames. If she's about to retire from her job and plans to travel, she might like a GPS with current maps, a subscription to On Star or a subscription to satellite radio.