Birthday Party Ideas With a Barber Shop Theme

by Melody Vieth

Throw a birthday party with a barber shop theme for a child, a cosmetology student, a hairdresser or a barber. Set the scene for the party with themed decorations and a cake. Compete for prizes in barber shop party games suitable for both children and adults, and keep your guests laughing and smiling throughout the event.


Decorations for a party with a barbershop theme can focus on the traditional colors on a barber shop pole. Wrap red and white crepe paper streamers around chairs, and drape them across tables covered with red plastic tablecloths. Tie bunches of red, white and blue balloons to chairs or tables. Serve a cake shaped like a barber shop pole, or cupcakes with swirls of red and white icing. Decorate a round cake by tinting icing to a skin tone, then adding round candies for eyes, black licorice for a nose, red licorice for lips and brown sprinkles for a beard and hair.

Crazy Hair Photos

Stand several pieces of cardboard, poster board or tri-fold display boards on top of a table. Cut out a hole in the middle of each board, large enough for a person’s face to show through. As party guests arrive, they can paint a crazy hair style above the circular hole and a shirt under the hole. During wait times such as food preparation, guests can take pictures of each other looking through the holes in the board.

Barber Pole Limbo

Put a barber shop twist on a game of Limbo. Make a barber shop pole by wrapping red and white crepe paper around a broom handle, wrapping paper tube or length of PVC pipe. Two players stand across from each other and hold the pole in the air. The other players form a line and walk under the pole without touching it. Players who touch the pole or whose hands hit the ground are out of the game. Lower the pole after each round until only one player remains.

Balloon Shave

Play an outdoor shaving game suggested by Party Game Central. Cut plastic tablecloths in halves to make barber’s capes for players to wear, as the game is messy. Inflate one balloon for each player and tape it to the back of a chair. Draw a face on the balloon with a black permanent marker. Cover the balloon with shaving cream. If the party guests are children, give each player a cotton swab. If party guests are adults, use razors instead. On the signal, players race to remove the shaving cream with the cotton swab or razor. The player who removes the most shaving cream without popping the balloon wins the game.

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