Birthday Party Ideas for Women

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Have a milestone birthday coming up? Then celebrate it with something a little out-of-the ordinary. You can host a successful birthday party indoors or outdoors depending on the season. Keep the size of your guest list in mind when considering possible party activities and locations; certain party ideas might lend themselves better to smaller groups, while others could easily accommodate larger numbers.

Apple Picking

Apple picking isn't just for Vermonters; more than 40 of our nation's states have apple orchards. So why not celebrate your fall birthday with a trip to an apple orchard near you? For listings of apple orchards by state, visit Tell your guests to dress accordingly for the fall weather, and plan to spend a few hours picking apples. You can bring a picnic lunch or snacks to eat during a break. Then return home to make applesauce, apple crisp, apple pie or apple cider with your freshly picked apples.

Wine Tasting

You can host a festive wine tasting even if you're not a wine expert. Ask a customer service assistant at your local wine shop to help you choose a good variety of wines for the tasting. You might want to focus on red or white wine, or wines from a certain country or region. For example, you could all taste several different Malbec wines from Argentine, or Rioja wines from Spain. Enhance the wine tasting party by including some gourmet cheese or chocolate fondues. Be careful not to drop anything in the fondue pot, though; according to fondue party etiquette, if a person drops a piece of food in the pot, she must kiss the person to her left or right. For another great wine related activity, you could take your party on the road to visit a nearby winery or vineyard.

Garden Party

Celebrate your birthday and the arrival of spring or summer with an outdoor garden party. This kind of party can easily accommodate smaller or larger numbers. Have the party in your own garden or yard, or find a local botanical garden or park that allows large gatherings. If you have the party at home, decorate your yard with lanterns and twinkle lights to create a festive ambience. Prepare cold sandwiches and salads to serve for a lunchtime party, or prepare appetizers and snacks for an evening party. In keeping with the garden theme, you could ask your guests to bring plants and flowers instead of gifts, and you can start working on a new or fuller garden.