Birthday Party Ideas for a Two-Year-Old Boy

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Birthday party ideas for two year old children should be simple. Small children may not enjoy a structured itinerary like an older child. Your birthday plans should include some free wheeling fun and lots of excuses to be messy. A two year old's birthday party should be like a play date with Mommy and friends.

Sand Play

Let kids play in a sand box with their friends. Take the party outdoors with two small swimming pools filled with clean sand and toys.

Swimming Party

Toddlers would probably enjoy a Slip-n-Slide or small wading pool that's age appropriate. Make sure you have plenty of adult supervision to keep all children safe.


Choose a simple theme that small children can identify with like trucks or baby dolls. Balls are also a fun theme for little children.


Provide every child with an individual cupcake instead of a slice of cake. You could even let wee ones put their own sprinkles on top.


Decorate your toddler's birthday party with lots of bright primary colors. If you use balloons place them up high so children who may tend to bite don't get tempted. If you do have balloons make sure you have enough for all children to take home with them. You don't want children to leave in tears.