Birthday Messages for a Sister

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Express the love you have for your sister by crafting her a birthday message that she will never forget. Try to get creative about the method of delivery -- put the message on food items such as cupcakes, or have it engraved on the back of a locket. Write a long letter, or sum your message up into one heartfelt sentence or even just a few words. Write a rough draft and gradually polish your message until the words easily roll of your tongue and invoke emotion in a clear, concise way.

T-Shirt Message

Bring a picture of you and your sister together to a T-shirt-making shop. Ask the company to print the photo on the shirt, and write a birthday message to your sister. Print an inside joke shared between you and your sister on the shirt, or have a simple birthday message printed on the shirt, such as "Happy 25th to the Best Sis."

Homemade Card

Make a homemade card, and write your sister's birthday message inside. Find a photo of you and your sister when you were younger, such as from a childhood birthday party, and glue this on the front of the card. Sprinkle pink glitter on top of the pearls. Write your sister a heartfelt or humorous message inside the card. Decorate the inside of the card with pressed flowers or stamps in a theme she enjoys, such as as horses or running. Write her a message about how much you enjoy having her as your sister, and bring up warm childhood memories.

Message on a Cake

Put a special birthday message for your sister on the top of a large sheet cake. Tell her sister how much you love her in a few short words, such as "Happy Birthday to the World's Best Sister," or "Happy Birthday to My Sister and My Best Friend." You might also want to say "Happy Birthday" at the top of the cake and "Sisters are Forever" at the bottom of the cake. Find two small figurines that look like you and your sisters and place these on top of the cake, or have the cake made at a shop that can reprint a favorite photograph in icing instead of a birthday greeting in words.

Message in a Balloon

Buy your sister balloons in her favorite colors along with colorful roses for her birthday. Write her a birthday letter and roll it up into a thin scroll. Open the neck of one of the balloons, and put the letter inside. Place small wrapped chocolate and peppermint candies inside the balloon as well. You can also slip the message in the middle of the bouquet of flowers, if you prefer. This is a way to give your sister a long heart felt message rather than a short greeting on a cake. Either way, your sister is sure to appreciate the thought and care that went into crafting her birthday greeting.