Birthday Ideas for a 25 Year Old Girl In Downtown Toronto

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Turning 25 is a big milestone and the only way to properly celebrate is with your friends for a night on the town. Across Toronto there are a variety of options to share the day with your friends. Whether you want a quiet day with friends at a museum or a night causing mischief on the town, Toronto is the perfect place to celebrate your 25th birthday.


Spend a day out with your friends at one of Toronto’s many museums. Throughout the city there are museums focusing on Canada’s culture as well as the history of the city. Spend an afternoon at the Spadina Museum Historic House and Gardens perusing the famous gardens or an afternoon taking in art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. If you enjoy history, stop by the Scarborough Museum to view the displays and architecture.


Get a group of your closest friends together and go to your favorite restaurant or try a new place. Get dressed up and go all out, including dessert. It is your birthday. Try an artsy, hip establishment like Kultura, No Regrets or The Drake. Not only will you find the atmosphere relaxed and chill, but you may find a new favorite hangout on your special night out.


Put on that little black dress and grab the girls. Toronto offers a variety of bars and clubs around the city. There’s a drinking establishment for all types. If you are into dancing, check out the Augusta House in Kensington Market. Those looking for a martini or a lounge to just chat with friends could check out the Soppra Upper Lounge in Yorkville. Wine drinkers may enjoy the Rustico Restaurant and Wine Bar in Old Town.


Catch one of the many Broadway or local productions playing around Toronto. Make it a night out and grab dinner before and a drink after. It’s not uncommon to find world famous productions like Billy Elliott, Mama Mia or Les Miserables playing in Toronto at Cannon Theatre, Royal Alexandria Theatre or the Roundhouse Theatre. If musicals and plays aren’t your thing, see who’s in town at the Air Canada Centre or Sony Centre for Performing Arts.