Birthday Present Ideas for a 60 Year Old

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Finding an appropriate gift for a family member turning 60 can provide quite a few chuckles, tears or both depending on the type of gift that is given. Some may want to find a gag gift to say that the birthday person is now "over the hill." Find a more serious gift to help spur reflection on a life well spent. However you choose to shop for your soon to be 60 year old relative, spouse or friend can help set the tone for one of the most memorable birthdays of their lives.

Photo Album

Photo albums help to capture the memories of the past 60 years or more if there are pictures of the former generations. You may want to consider buying a photo album and giving it empty for the birthday celebratee to fill up or fill it with pictures from sentimental times of the past 60 years to show how much you appreciate them.

Stamp Book

Stamps often have a unique way of capturing the cultural icons for each year. Collecting a stamp book from each of the past 60 years can help elicit fond memories of the past as well as help onlookers to view the ways in which culture has changed in the past six decades.

Travel Clothing

Whether retirement is within reach or if it has already been attained, travel clothing or other travel necessities, such as luggage, can help to inspire the next decade or two of life. Having the option to travel around the world is one of the many perks of reaching the age of retirement. Spur your loved one on towards an adventure by finding some travel gear for their 60th birthday.

Time Capsule

A quick search on the Internet can come up with time capsules full of treasures and nick-nacks that were collected from 60 years ago. This can be a meaningful gift as for a 60 year old as they most likely have already acquired all of the things they need in life. The gift does not have to be expensive, but one that stirs up memories of the past can be one of the most unique and memorable gifts of a lifetime.

Over the Hill T-shirt

There are numerous "over the hill" shirts and other paraphernalia for loved ones about to turn 60. While this is more of a gag gift, it can still be appreciated for the comedic aspect of celebrating the onset of old age. Buying a book that is geared for those "over the hill" can also help to set the comedic mood.