Birthday Giveaway Ideas

Birthday giveaway gifts can further the birthday theme or they can be something completely different. Choose age appropriate gifts whenever possible and for younger children let parents know if there is anything they need to keep an eye on like small parts. To keep things within your birthday budget figure out a price cap per bag and stick to it.


There are no rules for birthday giveaways but for a child's party choose something fun and appropriate for all the kids attending. Veer away from standard options like crayons, bubbles and bouncy balls and you will have parents thanking you. Ideas include an action figure, a plush animal, a game or a ball. One idea is to choose a model for each child, wooden ones are inexpensive and can be found with different age limits. Another idea is to create a t-shirt for the birthday party for each child to take home. A picture frame is an option the kids can use to showcase a picture of the birthday party. Edible giveaways are popular as well. Choose anything from cookies and lollipops to candy wrapped with specially designed wrappers.


For your teens next birthday involve him or her in the party favor preparation and you will no doubt have some wild ideas to use. For a girls birthday you could give away a manicure set or a make-up bag with a few items like lipstick and nail polish for a spa themed party. Or wrap up tea cups with herbal teas for the girls to take home from a tea party. If the guys are going to go to paintball send them home with a package of paint balls. For a movie night send everyone home with a DVD. One idea for teens is to send each kid home with an iTunes card.


Put together retro candy loot bags for your next birthday party and you might be surprised at how well they are received. You could also personalize the candy with humorous photos. Send friends home with a scented candle, fridge magnets or bottle stoppers. Personalized giveaway items are popular gifts. Choose from a deck of cards, breath mint tins, glassware, pens, key chains and photo frames. Other items fit for party favors might be coasters, beer mugs, mini-spa kits, bottle openers (for wine or beer) and luggage tags. If the party is somewhere special find giveaways to serve as a reminder of the party.