Birthday Gifts Ideas for a 45 Year Old

The 45th birthday may not be a milestone that is regarded in the same manner of celebration that often flurries around the 40th or 50th birthday, but you can honor it just the same. Give a gift that incorporates the number 45 in recognition of this birthday, and the recipient will be delighted by your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame that plays a slideshow is a nice gift of memories for the 45-year-old. Create a slideshow with a collection of 45 photos that reflect the special people and moments of the recipient’s life. Select a digital photo frame with a music feature so you can upload a sentimental song to play in the background during the slideshow display.

45 Records

Take the birthday boy on a trip back to his youth with the gift of a turntable-style record player complete with a collection of 45 RPM records. Find out who his favorite musical artists were back when these items were popular and strive to find vinyl singles by these bands. Check online auction or online collector’s sites to find these materials for sale, or inquire with a shop that specializes in records, musical equipment or antiques. If the turntable and vinyl records are too difficult to find, download 45 of the birthday person’s favorite songs and create a personalized “Greatest Hits of Your Life” CD. You may also bring the old music into the new century with the gift of a digital music player onto which you have uploaded the classic tunes.

Gift Basket

Create a 45th birthday gift basket based on the recipient’s likes and hobbies. Fill the basket with 45 items in honor of the occasion. For instance, a gardener may enjoy a basket filled with a variety of inexpensive seed packets while a chocolate lover can indulge in a basket full of candy bars. Other ideas with which to fill a gift basket include beauty products, scented candles, golf balls and tees and lottery tickets. The 45th birthday can also be celebrated with a bouquet made up of 45 flowers.

Gift Card

Gift cards are the go-to gift for all occasions. While some say it lacks thought, the gift card is actually a considerate gift that gives the recipient the opportunity to purchase something she might not have treated herself to otherwise. Note the birthday number by giving a gift card for the amount of $45. If your budget calls for more or less than that amount, simply add 45 cents to the total.