Birthday Gifts for Men Turning 60

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When a man turns sixty, he can become grim and depressed. But there is no reason to let a sixtieth birthday become a grim and depressing affair. Giving a good gift can help turn a sixtieth birthday into a great day.

Geezer Shirt

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A fun gag gift for a man turning sixty is a "geezer shirt." This kind of shirt makes light of his age but does it in a fun and not a mean-spirited way. For example, a good geezer shirt may say “Once they called me Stud…Now they call me Geezer!” There are a wide variety of geezer shirts available from online sites or even gift shops.


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Sometimes it can be nice to get a gift that “keeps on giving.” And what sixty-year old man wouldn’t enjoy getting a new beer every month? By enrolling your man in a beer-of-the-month club, you can regularly introduce him to new brews.

Personalized Grandpa Plaque

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A personalized plaque is a great gift for anybody. For a 60-year-old man, a grandpa plaque can be a touching reminder of his legacy. Get pictures of all of his grandchildren and have them put on a plaque that says “Thank You Grandpa” or something similar. There are also picture frames that serve the same purpose and will have similar sayings. Any birthday shop or gift shop should have plaques or frames like this for sale. It might even be a good idea to get more than one of these done so that the lucky grandpa can have his grandchildren's pictures in more than one room of his house.

Diamond Sports

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Traditionally, sixty is the year of diamonds. Why not give your sixty year old the gift of a diamond? An excellent idea is a sports-themed diamond, such as a diamond baseball or football. Maybe you could give him a diamond-framed picture of his favorite quarterback. Diamond sports memorabilia will let your sixty-year old celebrate his favorite sport in a classy and beautiful style. These gifts can be expensive, so if you do decide to buy diamonds make sure to research carefully to ensure you get the best quality for your money.

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