Birthday Gifts for Men Turning 30

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A man's 30th birthday is the perfect time to look at the effect culture and technology have had on his life. So plan on bringing back his great teenage memories when you pick out a gift for a man's 30th birthday.


Buy a backpack and fill it with movies from the birthday man's teenage years, along with a couple bags of microwavable popcorn.


Place CDs of his favorite bands from high school into a metal pail with three bottles of beer. Put a gift bow on the front side of the bucket and you have a bucket of memories.

Video Games

Gift the birthday man with a super Nintendo and a Super Mario game. Package the video system and game with boxes of Sour Patch Kids, Hershey bars and Jolly Rancher candy so he can feel like a teenager again as he plays his game and snacks.


Give him retro T-shirts of Marvel Comic Book characters, icons from his past or brands of his favorite foods.


Looking at the advancements of technology over the lifetime of the birthday man can be a blast. It can also be a gift if you give him a PlayStation I and see if he remembers playing it for the first time.