Birthday Fundraiser Ideas

by Vera Leigh ; Updated September 28, 2017

It's your birthday -- celebrate with a fundraiser!

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If your birthday is approaching, consider turning your day of celebration into a cause for celebrating others. Make your birthday into a fundraiser that will benefit those who can use a little extra help. There are a variety of simple ways to get involved -- and to involve the people you love.

Penny Jar Collection

The week of your child's birthday, send him to school with a plastic jar or resealable can; make sure to talk to his teacher ahead of time. Your child or the teacher can explain that he is raising money for a specific cause in honor of his birthday. All week, classmates are invited to bring pennies into class and to put them in the jar. At the end of the week, celebrate with a penny-rolling party, and deliver the cash to the charitable organization of the birthday boy's choice.

Online Fundraising

Set up a free account with a fundraising website such as "Facebook Causes" or "ChipIn." These sites have applications, the latter which you can link to a PayPal account, that you can place on your blog or website. Invite friends and loved ones to donate money to your cause in honor of your birthday.

Throw a Party

Throw a birthday party for yourself, but make sure your invitations indicate the party is doubling as a fundraiser. You can leave a jar or decorative box at the front door on a table so guests can drop off their donations in honor of your cause. You can carry the theme of the cause, such as puppy them if you are raising money for a local dog shelter, throughout your birthday party.

Consult a Company

Consult a local business in your town or city to find out if they will donate a portion of their day's proceeds to the charity of your choice on the day of your birthday. You can drum up support for the cause and for the local business by inviting your friends and family members to be patrons of the business on your birthday. It's a win for both parties.