Birthday Dinner Ideas for a Father-In-Law

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

When planning a birthday dinner for your father-in-law, it may be helpful to talk to your spouse about his dad's favorite dishes and family traditions so you can integrate them into the celebration. Taking time to learn about your father-in-law's likes, as well as his personal history, can help you add meaningful touches to his birthday dinner.


If you are hosting a large family celebration, asking each guest to bring one of your father-in-law’s favorite foods can be a good way to cut down on costs and allow him to enjoy a contribution from each of his children and friends. Likewise, using your father-in-law’s traditional family recipes can be a good way to bring up good family memories and show him that you care about his family’s past.

Drawing on Traditions

Instead of traditional party decorations, decorate your house with old family photos, such as your spouse and his siblings when they were children. For milestone birthdays, print out pictures and attach them to the wall shaped like the number of your father-in-law’s age. Likewise, putting together a slideshow or video montage of special moments from your father-in-law’s life, paired with his favorite songs, can be a kind way of celebrating his special day.