Birthday Cake Ideas for 1-Year-Old Kids

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Your child’s first taste of birthday cake may not be something she’ll always remember, but she’ll love the delicious treat. As a special occasion, your friends and family look forward to photographing and helping to eat baby's first cake.That first slice marks the beginning of many happy times to come.

Building Blocks Birthday Cake

A building blocks cake is fun, colorful and easy to make. A good match for a baby boy or girl, you can use different cake flavors with each block or simply alternate chocolate and vanilla. Paint each block a different color and draw balloons and stars on the sides. Use rectangular cake pans and multiple layers for each block. If you’re expecting a lot of guests, use a flat sheet cake as your base layer and add the blocks on top. Spell your child’s name across the top of the blocks and add a candle for the first birthday wish.

Carousel Birthday Cake

Carousel cakes are easier to make than you may think. Use three or four round layers of cake for your base. Consider using a jam of your child’s favorite fruit, like strawberries, raspberries or peaches, between each layer for a surprising flavor contrast. A light, creamy color icing will make a simple background for your carousel details. Line edible horse decorations in a circle around the cake and insert a tall rod into the place of the cake. You can find edible horse cake decorations at online stores like The Party Works. String ribbons from horse to horse. Pipe swirls and your child's name around the sides of the cake. Place the cake at your child’s eye level on a Lazy Susan and slowly spin the cake just before lighting the candle and singing.

Animal Birthday Cake

Make a birthday zoo cake for the little animal lover in your family. You can go with a farm theme or create a magical animal world where all of your child’s favorite animals gather to party. For a farm cake, draw a basic red barn to one side of the cake, a little fence around the border and place edible pigs, chickens and cows. Create an animal party with crocodiles, penguins, dogs, cats and monkeys and draw a river, flowers and trees around the sides. Place a balloon in each animal's hand and use a candle is tall enough to stand out in this animal wonderland.

To draw a barn and other details on the cake, use a pastry bag or large baggie. If your using a large baggie, cut one corner at the bottom and wedge your plastic or metal cake decorating tip through the hole. Use store bought cake icing or make your own from powdered sugar, butter and a drop of vanilla. Dye the icing red or your color of choice and add a generous amount into the baggie. Twist the ends of the baggie so icing doesn't seep out the back. Practice drawing with icing on a piece of wax paper before drawing a simple square barn with a rounded top.

You can find edible barnyard animal cake decorations at online stores like Shop Bakers Nook. Many animal-shaped cake decorations are plastic. If you want yours to be edible, make sure to look for this detail in the product description. Note that the majority of edible decorations are made of sugar.