Birthday Gift Ideas for a 50 Year Old Man

If a man you know is turning 50 years old, you probably want to mark the occasion by purchasing a special gift. Some people say it is difficult to shop for a man, particularly when the occasion is a landmark one, such as a 50th birthday. Rather than shopping around aimlessly, focus your efforts on purchasing a gift that the birthday boy will love.

Better With Age

red wine poured into wine glass image by Allen Penton from

Some things just improve with age, and many of those things come in a bottle. Give your birthday guest of honor a bottle of wine or liquor that is 50 years old. Tie the bottle with a bow or present it with a wine rack or a decorative carrying bag to add to the gift itself. Include a note reminding him that some things get better with age, and he's one of them.

Time Capsule

Put together a time capsule to commemorate the life your birthday guest of honor has led. Include a DVD or Blu-Ray disc of the most popular movies or television shows from the year he was born. Add in a synopsis of the top news stories from that year and include a recording of a popular song. Put it all together in a decorative box or gift basket and show him the year he was born was great for many reasons, including the fact that it's the year he entered the world.

A Taste of Nostalgia

Put together an assortment of candies and other treats that were popular 50 years ago. Include bottled sodas, chewing gum and even baseball cards. Transport the birthday boy back to the days of his youth, when life was a little sweeter and more carefree. Wrap the gift with bright, colorful papers and bags the way you would wrap a gift for a child. When you give a gift like this, you transport the recipient back in time and watch him enjoy his childhood all over again.

Handmade With Love

A handmade gift shows attention to detail and is infinitely customizable to the recipient. If you have some sort of crafty skill, consider putting that skill to work to create an heirloom quality gift for the birthday man. Sew him a quilt using his favorite colors or knit a scarf using cashmere yarn. Put together a scrapbook of photos of the two of you together or use your photography skills to take a picture of a sentimental place from his life. This type of gift shows the birthday recipient that you cared enough to create something one-of-a-kind just for him. If you find yourself completely lacking in crafty skills, hire a local artist or an online artisan to create something for him based on your specifications. Try a site like, where their alchemy feature allows you to input a request for a handmade creation and artisans bid to fulfill your order.