How to Find My Biological Grandparents

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There could be a few reasons why you have never met your grandparents. Perhaps they decided to move to another country before your birth. They could have lost contact with your family. Whatever the case, meeting them is sure to be a shocking experience for you. They are the people who birthed your parents. Search for them by talking to your mother or father, searching through people search websites and utilizing social networking outlets.

Ask your parents for any information on your grandparents. They might know their last address, or provide you with their public records, such as their marriage certificates. Use this information to further your search.

Search for your grandparents using a people search website, such as or The Internet contains many different public databases on people, making it easier to find their current addresses, along with records such as their birth certificates and financial records. Some of these websites will charge a rate for their services.

Enter your grandparents' names into a social networking site. While a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace might seem like an odd place to find grandparents, people of all ages are turning to this digital media to keep in contact with friends and family. Friend your grandparents if you find them. Introduce yourself to them and explain why you were searching for them.

Seek out a private investigator agency to help you find your grandparents, such as Private investigators are useful for finding people, as they can access public databases normally closed to the public. Make sure the investigator is legally licensed to perform his job. Interview the investigator to see if he is legitimate. Ask him about his experience and credentials before hiring him to work for you. Tell him about your grandparents and offer him any useful information he may ask for, such as public records.