Bikini Cake Instructions

Jim Arbogast/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A bikini cake is a great tongue-in-cheek cake for beach boys or girls, or for bachelor parties. You can also adapt the bikini cake to a lingerie cake for a bachelorette party or lingerie party. You can make the bikini cake from a sheet cake and leave it two-dimensional, or use two extra cakes baked in small round pudding tins for a 3-D effect on the bikini top. Once you have the basic shape intact, you can play around with different bikini styles and colors.

Place the sheet cake centered on the cake board. On a large sheet of paper, trace the outline of a woman’s figure from shoulders to pelvis, exaggerating the curves at the waist and hips.

Cut around the outline of the figure, then place the cutout on top of the cake and use a fillet knife held vertically to cut the sheet cake to the outline shape. Remove excess cake.

Place the two small cakes that have been baked in pudding pans upside down onto the sheet cake as breasts. Trim these cakes if necessary to achieve a realistic shape. Brush off any crumbs from the cake.

Ice the whole cake in a buttercream icing of your chosen skin color. Use an icing spatula to smooth over the icing. Make a small indent in the icing for a belly button.

Trace on the outline of the bikini top and bottom using the point of a skewer. Smooth over any mistakes with the icing and trace again with the skewer. Trace on outlines for dots on the bikini as well.

Attach a medium star nozzle to a piping bag and fill it three-quarters with yellow icing. Twist the end of the bag to expel excess air. Hold the bag vertically above the cake, with your dominant hand guiding the back of the piping bag and your other hand guiding the nozzle.

Squeeze the end of the bag slowly to push icing out the nozzle. Fill the bikini outline, minus the outlined dots, with yellow stars, which will create a ruffled look on the bikini.

Change to a white icing piping bag and fill in the dots with white icing, so you have a yellow and white polka dot bikini. Use other colors if desired.