Best Items to Sell in a Yard Sale

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Yard sale “experts” have different ideas about what sells best at a yard sale but there are a few good sale items that they seem to agree on. Furniture, appliances, flowerpots and all things related to babies and children seem to sell best. Merchandise that is regionally relevant also will sell. The price, condition and presentation of any of these items must satisfy customers before they will purchase.

Regional Items

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Coastal town yard sales can offer the shopper items related to nautical design. Shoppers can find a treasure chest of lighthouses, seashells, driftwood decoration, curtains, blankets and pillows with beach scenes and a nautical flair. If you enjoy boating, crabbing and fishing, you can sell an assortment of equipment such as fishing rods, life jackets and crab pots, all for a price that will make you and your customers happy. If you have a yard sale in a mountain town, you can sell ski equipment and hunting gear and interested customers will come looking for it.

Baby and Children

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The cost of buying clothing, furniture and toys retail for a baby and children can add up fast. It seems that once you buy it, they outgrow it and many parents cannot afford to keep purchasing retail. As a seller, this is a golden opportunity to pass on stuff that your children no longer need and recoup some of your initial investment. As long as the items are clean and in good condition, you probably will sell them. A good rule of thumb for pricing is to charge about 30 percent of the original value but be open to negotiating.

Furniture, Large Appliances and Lawn Equipment

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Furniture also should be clean and free from rips and tears. Most shoppers expect some scratches, even small dents, so prices should reflect the condition. If you have a pick-up truck or a van, you can offer to deliver large items for a small fee, thus making a bit more cash for your effort. All large appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators should be clean and in working condition. Presenting the appliances near an electrical outlet or having an extension cord nearby will allow the customer to test the working condition. Lawn equipment such as lawn mowers and riding mowers need to be tested as well. You can offer to deliver any of these large items.

Jewelry and Other Stuff

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Jewelry, especially old jewelry, is a good seller. Cleaning with jewelry cleaner will make the pieces sparkle and be more appealing. Doing so will bring a higher price than not cleaning. If the piece is an heirloom, don’t expect to get top value. It’s best to take heirlooms to antique jewelry stores or sell them at auction for the best price. Flowerpots are hot items. Books, tools, building supplies, electronics, sports items and equipment, dolls and doll clothing, clean linens and bicycles are all great yard sale merchandise.