Benefit of Flaxseed Oil on Hair

by Jennifer Jean Miller ; Updated September 28, 2017

Flaxseed oil is taken in capsule or liquid form.

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Flaxseed oil is an Omega-3 fatty acid that offers health benefits. It benefits the hair because of its properties. You can take it as capsules or liquid or apply it topically to the hair.

How It Works

Flaxseed oil provides benefits to the hair by nourishing the shaft internally and externally. It gives the hair sheen by promoting growth from the inside out.

For Dry Scalps

Dry scalps do not stand a chance against flaxseed oil. It prevents dry skin flakes caused by eczema, which, in turn, prevents healthy hair growth by trapping hair follicles with scales on the scalp. When they are gone, hair can flourish better.

For Brittle Hair

In addition, you can keep dry hair at bay with flaxseed oil. Low levels of Omega-3 acids can contribute to hair brittleness.

For Hormone Deficiencies

Hair loss can occur in men and women. In women, this can happen because of hormone fluctuations, especially after childbirth. Flaxseed oil benefits the hair by bridging the hormone gaps through supplementation.


Pregnant and nursing women should not take flaxseed oil. Do not administer it to children under 12 years old. People with hormonal cancers should avoid usage. Flaxseed oil can lessen blood-clotting time.

Benefits for Dogs

Flaxseed oil benefits humans as well as dogs. After taking flaxseed oil, dogs have a shinier, thicker coat.

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