How to Become a Husband's Best Friend

While your husband might not notice it when you change your hairstyle or wear a new outfit, there is one thing he will notice for certain. When you treat him as a dear friend--as well as your romantic lover--he feels important, special, heard and cared for. Men are drawn and highly attracted to women who make them feel this way. By becoming your husband’s best friend, your marriage will be even stronger and sexier than before.

Make time for togetherness. With jobs, housework, kids and hectic schedules, fun couple time can become a low priority. Move it up the list several notches. Aim to do something fun together once a week--once a month at the very least. Play a game, eat breakfast at a diner, or start a water fight while doing the dishes. Friends have fun together.

Be patient with your husband. Sometimes he might throw his socks on the floor, or drive too fast, or do a gazillion other things that make you crazy, angry or frustrated. However, the next time you find nagging words about to exit your mouth, stop and look in the mirror. There is a good chance you have flaws, too, and he is probably good at turning a blind eye toward them. Return the favor.

Listen to him. When both or either one of you comes in the door at the end of the day, you likely have venting you want to do. That is perfectly valid, and vent you should. Sometimes, though, let him go first. Sit down next to him and genuinely ask about his day. If he says it was fine, dig a little deeper. Ask him specifics, such as how a meeting went or what his crazy coworker talked about at lunch. Soon he'll be spilling to you and you'll both be feeling closer than ever.

Show an interest in what he loves. You don't have to attend every game--although, if that sounds like fun, go for it. Simply pay attention and ask questions about his hobby or passion. Learn some of the lingo, catch team stats online, or hang out with him once in a while in the garage. You might be happily surprised when he offers to take you to the new antique shop that opened, or inquires about the book your club is reading.

Be kind to your husband. Make yourself aware of the way you treat him in general. Ask yourself if that is how you would treat your best friend. If so, great. If not, think about changes you can make and look forward to a healthier, happier marriage.