How to become a human lie detector

Ever wonder if someone is being straight foward with you? By observing body language, eye movement and speach pattern, you can often decifer if someone is lying or telling the truth.

Carefully listen to what the individual is saying and look for discrepencies in thier statements. Is the person making eye contact with you? If not, it could be a sign that they are not sincere.

Read their body language. Do they look relaxed in their gestures or are they figgeting, touching thier face, scratching, wiping their nose with thier hand or touching their chin often, if so this could be a sign that a person is lying.

look at eye movement. The direction that a person's eyes move when telling a story can determine if they are telling the truth. Start out by asking the person a question that requires them to recall a fact. For example, ask them "what was the name of your first pet?" Notice what direction their eyes point. Most people's eyes will point up and to the right (when facing you) if they are telling the truth. Next, ask a question that requires the person to imagine something like a pink elephant and ask them to describe it. Notice what direction their eyes move when they describe the pink elelephant. Their eyes should be pointing up and to the left (when facing you). These two test will help you in detering if a person is lying or telling the truth.

Ask the questions and notice thier eye movements. What direction are their eyes pointing? People that are very good at lying, can often pass the eye test because they have carefully rehearsed thier answers. So to double check if they are telling the truth, ask them a pointed question. For example, if a person says "I went to watch a movie?" Follow by asking, "Which movie did you see?" They may not be expecting this follow up question and may not have rehearsed the answer so again look at thier eye movements. If they are creating an answer their eyes will point up and to the left. Or they may say "Uhm" a few times, this is a clear sign someone is lying. Keep asking follow up questions if you are unsure ask them "What did you think of the ending of the movie" Regardless if you have seen the movie or not, you will be able to decifer from their eye movements and their response if they actually saw the movie and better yet, if they are being honest.