Beard Styles for Bald Men

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The style of a man’s beard is important, especially when he doesn’t have much hair on his head. For example, a bald man wouldn’t want to have a full, long beard -- it would cause too much visual imbalance. But a lighter, more modest beard style can instantly add appeal and update a man’s look, even if he doesn't have hair on his head.


The goatee might be the most popular beard -- it adds style while still being clean looking. The goatee is a chin beard created by shaving the cheeks and jaw line. An area of hair is allowed to grow around the chin. Shaving cream is applied, then the cheek and mustache areas are shaved, unless a mustache is desired. The sides of the goatee on the chin are then shaped as vertical lines, or they can be slightly curved. Excess hair is shaved and the edges are trimmed carefully, rounding the shape at the bottom of the chin.

Chin Strap

The chin strap is made up of a strip of narrow to wide stubble and adds strength to the jaw line. This style can be achieved by applying shaving cream to the face and then running the finger along the entire jaw-line to remove a strip of shaving cream. All the areas covered in shaving cream are then shaved, and care is taken not to get too close to the guide line. After the face is rinsed, a trimmer is used to make the chin strap thinner or more even.

Circle Beard

This style is called the circle or oval beard, depending on the man’s face shape. It consists of a round mustache and beard area directly around the mouth and on the chin, with the cheeks and neck clean shaven. Initially, a large area of stubble should be allowed to grow. Shaving cream is applied and the beard is shaved to the desired size, preferably in an oval or circular shape. The face is then rinsed and a trimmer is used to shape the outside edges around the chin, lining up the smile lines and forming sharp corners at the jaw line.

All-Over Stubble

This style is exactly what the name implies and the easiest to create, adding a messy, yet trendy look. The facial hair is left to grow for a few days and then trimmed once in a while to avoid a full beard. There should be no additional shaving on the neck or face because this will detract from the natural style of the look.