Beard Etiquette

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Beards add extra appeal to a man's physical appearance and complement the shape of your face. If you choose to wear this type of facial hair, expect your beard to take about four weeks before a beard forms, six weeks if your hair grows slowly. Once you've grown a beard, maintain it regularly to keep your beard well-styled and uniform.

Establishing a Beard Line

Regardless of the shape of your face, do not let your beard hair grow down past the neck area. This excess hair gives you an unkempt appearance. Use an electric shaver or manual razor with multiple blades to achieve a smooth and clean neck shave. Conversely, don't grow a beard only to your chin as this makes a beard seem overly sculpted and unnatural. Shave your beard hair at the halfway point between your Adam's apple and chin.

Trimming Your Beard

Maintaining your beard requires proper trimming. Trim every two to four days to retain the style and keep your beard neat. Start trimming your beard (when it is dry) at the side of your face, near your ear and work your way to the middle. Repeat on the other side of your face to keep your hair styling even. For mustaches, comb your upper lip hair down with a narrow tooth comb. Start trimming from the middle and make your way to end. Don't cut your beard or mustache when it is wet; the water makes hair longer, which can lead to over-trimming your beard.


Clean your facial hair and skin every day with shampoo or a mild facial cleanser. Avoid exfoliating products that have small soap beads as they may get caught in your hair strands. Follow up with a small amount conditioner to moisturize the hair and skin under your beard. Pat your beard dry with a face towel; there's no need to blow-dry facial hair.

Beard Etiquette in the Workplace

Workplaces often define policies for facial hair. Consult human resources or an employee handbook to maintain your beard according to your employer's requirement. Beards in an professional setting are generally accepted if you keep your beard trimmed, clean and free of any unconventional hair dye colors. As an additional courtesy, avoid aftershaves or beard conditioners with a strong, distracting fragrance. Some work environments, such as the food service industry, require food employees to keep their beards trimmed to a specific length and restrained by a beard cover or net.