How to Be a Good Girlfriend Images

Being a good girlfriend means taking care of your man's needs with not only your words, but your actions. A good girlfriend knows what her boyfriend wants and does everything she can to make him happy. Of course you'll have to be comfortable with his wants and needs -- which must fit your own values -- but you'll need to compromise and at least meet him halfway if you truly love him and he's the right one for you.

Step 1

Involve him in conversations about things that interest you both. Avoid talking his ear off about a one-sided topic, such as your latest therapy session.

Step 2

Be independent without clinging, stalking or sending an overabundance of emails/texts. This creeps men out and makes you look needy.

Step 3

Appreciate him in all ways for who he already is. Do not seek to change him.

Step 4

Be nice to his friends, but not too nice. You don't want to make him feel jealous of his own friends. He doesn't have to like your friends, but he does have to be polite to them. Be accepting if he doesn't see your friends the way you do.

Step 5

Have realistic expectations. Guys live on budgets too and unless your guy is rich, expensive restaurants and gifts might be the exception and not necessarily the norm. Chip in every now and then when you go out on dates.

Step 6

Don't bring up the subject of marriage or moving in with him until you know him well enough to determine that this might be something he wants too.

Step 7

Be straightforward and avoid head games. If you need to express your feelings to him about a conflict, do so in a non-intimidating way so he doesn't feel emasculated.

Step 8

Let him spend time enjoying the activities that he likes. See action movies with him or let him play his video games a fair amount of the time.

Step 9

Be honest, loyal and respectful. Make sure he knows that he can trust you to be faithful to him and that you truly love him.

Step 10

If you decide at any point that you want to end the relationship, do so in person when possible. Phone is your other choice. Email/text message/instant message or Facebook are not acceptable methods.